10 types of odd friendships you’re probably part of (link)


I discovered Wait But Why when some guy I follow on Facebook (The reason why I’m using Twitter lingo when talking about my Facebook relationship with him is because he is one of those Facebook staff people who wear a beard, live in California and have a bright blue tick next to their name and we all know that you’re not friends with these people, you’re just happy you get to follow them) shared the viral “Why Generation Y Yuppies are Unhappy” article.

To be honest when clicking that article, I was expecting yet another pseudo-sociological blog where the author condescendingly analyzes
our generation’s every move while singling him/her-self out of the homogeneous bunch of self-absorbed out of touch yuppies that we are.

And sure enough in many ways it is. But it’s not just that, and that’s precisely why I’ve been a loyal follower of WbW for some time now. I even took it a step further and subscribed to their newsletter, which is not a commitment I make with most websites/blogs (lucky them).

WaitButWhy is very Oatmeal-y in many ways (the illustrations in both websites are amazingly unaesthetic), but WbW actually writes long elaborate articles, and most importantly, the topics it tackles are a lot more diverse. Clicking your way through the blog, you’ll find yourself switching from a long captivating article about the Fermi Paradox to a quicker peek into the lives of huge historical figures like Alexander the Great or Cleopatra.

The link above is a worryingly accurate article describing ten types of friendships you’ll find yourself a part of at some point in your life and I’ve related to so many of them I’m starting to question every relationship I’ve ever had.



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